John Forlines III, Chairman and CEO at JAForlines Global featured in Barron’s ETF Roundtable

Friday, June 10th, 2016
Written by Manifold Fund Advisors

After 2016’s choppy start, the quest for value and yield on a global scale continues in earnest. In the May 9th edition of The Dow Jones Business and Financial Weekly, Barron’s convened a roundtable of Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) experts to answer the question, “what does it take to build a well-rounded global portfolio – built for the long-term, but not ignoring the short?”

A sub-adviser to one of the mutual funds offered by Manifold Fund Advisors, John Forlines III, was part of the panel featured in the Special Report, Around the World: Four Experts tell us how to use ETFs to play global investing trends. In the article, Forlines and three other ETF experts share where they’re looking for value and yield amid 2016’s market churn.

In the discussion, the pros also touch on some global factors that have influenced the year’s market movements, including:

What led to the S&P 500 index dipping more than 10% before reaching almost record highs in the first few months of 2016? How does overseas banking policy relate to Federal Reserve interest rates? What opportunities have influenced the inflow of nearly $35 billion into ETFs this year?*

To learn more about ETF-focused global investing, please click here to read the full Special Report.

*According to Research Firm XTF

The S&P 500 Index has been widely regarded as the best single gauge of the large cap U.S. equities market since the index was first published in 1957.

At the time the discussion occurred, accounts managed by JAForlines Global and John Forlines III owned some or all of the ETFs mentioned in the article.

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